Preventing Cancer For Canines.

1. Clean out the Chemicals We live in a “manicured lawn” and “easy clean” society – high in chemicals, pesticides and cleaners. But while we humans may breathe the air 5 feet away from any poisonous chemicals we spray, our dogs are breathing in those chemicals from just inches away. And unfortunately, over time these chemicals break down our dogs’ immune system and prevent them from fighting cancer cells that may form in their body. This weakened immune system makes them susceptible to cancer and disease. By eliminating harsh “poisonous” chemical from our yards and home (and replacing them with natural/biodegradable alternatives), we clean up the air for our pets and allow them to stay strong and healthy. 2. Change Their Diet Dogs are carnivores. They are meant to eat meat. But unfortunately, meat is the most important ingredient in most foods. So many companies (including many of the most popular brands) save money by adding lots of grain and other fillers to our dogs’ food. While these fillers alone won’t kill our dogs, they don’t provide the right nutrition to keep our dog’s immune system strong and healthy. When you buy dog food read the ingredients – meat (NOT Continue reading