Preventing Cancer For Canines.

1. Clean out the Chemicals

We live in a “manicured lawn” and “easy clean” society – high in chemicals, pesticides and cleaners. But while we humans may breathe the air 5 feet away from any poisonous chemicals we spray, our dogs are breathing in those chemicals from just inches away. And unfortunately, over time these chemicals break down our dogs’ immune system and prevent them from fighting cancer cells that may form in their body. This weakened immune system makes them susceptible to cancer and disease. By eliminating harsh “poisonous” chemical from our yards and home (and replacing them with natural/biodegradable alternatives), we clean up the air for our pets and allow them to stay strong and healthy.

2. Change Their Diet

Dogs are carnivores. They are meant to eat meat. But unfortunately, meat is the most important ingredient in most foods. So many companies (including many of the most popular brands) save money by adding lots of grain and other fillers to our dogs’ food. While these fillers alone won’t kill our dogs, they don’t provide the right nutrition to keep our dog’s immune system strong and healthy. When you buy dog food read the ingredients – meat (NOT meat “byproducts” or “fat”) should be the #1 ingredient (and if possible #2, #3, #4 and #5), wheat and corn meal, etc. should NOT be near the top of the ingredient list for proper nutrition and health. Changing your dog’s diet alone will go a long way to helping them live a longer, healthier, cancer free life.

3. Avoid Over Vaccination

When dogs get vaccinated, we inject a small amount of an actual “disease” into their system. This forces their immune systems to produce antibodies to make sure they don’t get a full blown version of this disease later on. The concept is great – and critical for our dog’s health in certain cases – but many experts believe that we “over-vaccinate” our dogs and that these excessive vaccinations actually contribute to the high rate of canine cancer. They believe, essentially, that a dog’s immune system can be essentially “distracted” by the foreign vaccination virus, limiting its ability to fight off real cancer cells that may form in their body. This is especially true, experts say, for multi-vaccination “cocktails” and excessive “booster” shots. Even worse, many dogs get vaccinated for diseases that are not actually serious threats to them in the community they live in. My vet strongly recommends limiting vaccinations to only those required by law (e.g., Rabies) and other “critical” vaccinations that pose a serious threat to our dogs in the local area (e.g., Parvo and any other serious problem diseases that are common in the area).

4. Minimize Flea and Other Chemical Remedies

While remedies like Frontline and Advantage are excellent at preventing flea and tick outbreaks – many dog owners don’t realize that when we use them, we’re applying low grade pesticides directly onto the fur and skin of our pets. And while these chemicals are safe to use (i.e., they won’t kill our dogs), over time they can wear down your dog’s immune system and make him more susceptible to diseases like cancer. Whenever possible, look into alternative “natural – non-toxic” flea and other remedies that will serve the same purpose but won’t compromise your dog’s natural immune system.

5. Prevention is Easier Than Treatment

While it’s easy to believe that cancer won’t happen to your dog, it’s currently estimated that 1 out of every 4 dogs will die of cancer. I know from personal experience how sad, painful, and expensive it can be to fight cancer once it has already happened. Spending a bit more on natural dog foods and natural remedies today to keep your dog strong and healthy and cancer free, may cost a bit more today, but in the long run may save you loads of expensive treatments and heartache.

And if for some reason your dog does already have cancer, remember there are things you can do to help there as well. My book “Curing Canine Cancer” walks you step by step through the natural remedies we used for my dog Marty – remedies that have worked wonders on many dogs even when the vets have said that nothing is possible. Fight to make sure your dog doesn’t get sick in the first place, but if he does get sick, remember there’s always hope…