About the ride

From Astoria, Oregon (right toe in the Pacific) to the Atlantic Ocean (left toe in the Atlantic)… – About the Ride

 As a dog cancer mentor – and author of the book Curing Canine Cancer – I get a lot of e-mails (too many) from dog owners DESPERATE to help their dog, but who just can’t afford the treatments their dogs need to get healthy.  I do as much as I can for these wonderful caring owners – but it breaks my heart because I know that no matter how much advice I give them, they’re just not going to be able to afford the vet bills, medicines and supplements their dog will need to survive.

So this summer I’ve decided to do something about it.

The Dog Cancer Ride Across America grew from my desire to help these dog owners get their dogs the care they deserve.

It started as a seed planted in my mind by a friend back in February 2008.  He had a vision of me driving around the country meeting all of the dogs and their owners who I’d been helping with my Curing Canine Cancer website – to raise dog cancer awareness and funds for dog cancer care.

I loved the idea, but at $4.00 per gallon, hated the thought of driving my car all around the country.  So the original idea didn’t quite fit for me, but it did launch a vision…  and a dream.

I’ve always enjoyed long distance bicycle tours – they’re an amazing way to see the country (and an even better way to get into shape) – and I’ve always dreamed of riding my bicycles across this beautiful country – Pacific to Atlantic – but I’ve just never had the opportunity (or the reason) to do it…  Until now!

But here it was, the chance to ride across America for a passion – to help the dogs (and the dog owners) who need it most.  And that’s how “Dog Cancer Ride Across America” was born.

Many years ago (back in 1998 & 1999), I participated in 2 large charity bicycle fundraisers – from San Francisco to Los Angeles – that raised millions of dollars for their sponsored charity and taught me how effective these events can be.

So I knew it could be done…

and more importantly, I knew it could be
done for a cause…

This Ride Across America will be very different from the ones I did in 1998 & 1999 – this time it’s just going to be me, and not an army of riders working their way down the coast.  And while I plan to have a car and driver along to support me and coordinate meetings, etc.  , along the route – this one’s gonna be just me and the road – no support pit stops and sponsored PowerBar and Gatorade booths, no cheerleaders, no nothing.  Scary, but exciting too.

We leave from the Oregon coast (right toe in the Pacific) on May 25th and ride my way through my hometown in Oregon (I’ll even get to sleep in my own bed the first night…  ) before continuing along the “Lewis and Clark Trail” – to follow the northern route those two pioneers traveled when they first discovered this part of the country…

My route will then travel south – into the heartland.  It’s going to be hotter and flatter and less exciting than some of the more northern routes – but much better to visit my clients and spread the dog cancer message along the way.  Then we cut down through the south towards North Carolina until we hit the beautiful Atlantic coast in Virginia Beach, Virginia on August 14th (the one year anniversary of Marty’s death).

The final route and schedule are still a work in progress – we keep making minor changes to meet people and create events along the way – but you can get a good sense of where we’ll be by checking out the Map of Heroes – just follow the red line through the center of the country.  Or just connect the dots from the cities listed below.  (If you’re on the route, I’d love to meet up with you (just send me a note through this contact form.)  Here’s the list of cities we’re planning to pass through…

  - Astoria, Oregon (Ride Start)
  - Portland, Oregon
  - Boise, Idaho
  - Pocatello, Idaho
  - Salt Lake City, Utah
  - Denver, Colorado
  - Lincoln, Nebraska
  - Omaha, Nebraska
  - Des Moines , Iowa
  - Kansas City, Missouri
  - St Louis, Missouri
  - Indianapolis, Indiana
  - Cincinnati, Ohio
  - Lexington, Kentucky
  - Knoxville, Tennessee
  - Charlotte, North Carolina
  - Greensboro, North Carolina
  - Raleigh, North Carolina
    and finally
  - Virginia Beach, Virginia

Like I said, the final route map is still being designed – and there may be some major changes along the way, depending on what opportunities may arise…

But one thing’s for sure…

Right toe Pacific…

Then Ride…  Ride…  Ride…  Ride…  Ride…  Ride…  Ride…

Until Left toe Atlantic.

But as happy – and proud – as I plan to be when my bicycle (and toe) hits the Atlantic, none of it is going to mean anything without your help…  Because I’m not doing this ride for me…  (heck, I could have done it for myself any time in the past 10 years)…  I’m doing this ride for the dogs – the sweet innocents who are dealing with a terrible disease they don’t deserve – and to raise much needed donations for their care…

That’s why I’m asking you to visit my secure fundraising sponsorship page RIGHT NOW to contribute to the amazing dog cancer charities I’m riding to support…

Just click on the “widget” below or go to www.firstgiving.com/dogcancerride to make your pledge and help the dogs heal

Every donation, no matter how big or small, will help dogs get the care they need – so please, donate whatever you can…  (even it it’s just $1 – every donation counts!)

And if you’d like, please consider a donation of $35 or more and you’ll reserve a spot for your dog on the “Map of Heroes” – where you can post picture(s) and create a tribute to your very own dog cancer hero (living or passed) that you can share with the world.