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With these additions, you can bask in the outdoors without ever leaving your own living space. For customers visiting our showroom to select hardscaping & masonry materials, outdoor furniture, outdoor kitchens or other outdoor living products, appointments are recommended. To schedule an appointment, call 717.397.5264 or click here to schedule online. Visit our 10,000 square foot outdoor showroom to browse more than 100 built-in examples of brick, stone and concrete hardscaping. If you want to ensure a quality job, consult with a landscaping contractor before you begin.

Choose your stones and borders wisely, and above all, be creative. We know that choosing the best material can feel overwhelming. After all, your patio is a place where you’ll be spending most of your outdoor time and you want to be sure that you choose wisely.

Our 7 Piece Random Pattern is perfect for interior flooring designs, as well as exterior projects like pool surrounds. With this random pattern, you can lay it out with or without continuous lines. In independent tests of strength, FireRock pavers comes out with a whopping compressive strength of 7,928 psi.

We look forward to helping you transform your ideas into reality. As mentioned above, pavers are considered more attractive than concrete and add more curb appeal to a home. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes, patterns, and colors, which also offers the option for customization. Pavers are also less likely to fade or wear down in high-traffic areas compared to concrete due to the fact that the color is embedded throughout the stone.

Be it a travertine tile floor or an organic slate tile, when it comes to natural stone tile we’ve got everything you need at Eco Outdoor. One of the great things about concrete pavers is that they allow you to achieve the aesthetic natural stone look you’ve been dreaming about — without breaking the bank. This couldn’t be more true than with the recent design trend of using large concrete pavers in interior and exterior design. Use Mutual Materials pavers to create your own private outdoor oasis to enjoy with family and friends.

Dark grey granite outdoor stone pavers

From eye-catching driveways, to stunning patios, to serene landscapes, Belgard offers an array of hardscape products to complement your home and help you create the perfect dreamscape. We can help make your home stunning and impressive, while also warm and inviting. Browse our selection of outdoor patio pavers, landscape paving stones, applications and more to find inspiration for your home.

Rake each layer until it’s uniformly flat, lightly spray it with water, and compact it before adding the next layer. also be sure to look for a pro who has not only worked with all 3 materials but who has designed and installed a lot of patios. At Kingstowne, we have installed thousands of patios in Alexandria and Arlington, VA so there’s no doubt we know our way around hardscaping and the various material options. We can answer your questions and help guide you through these big decisions. After all, you absolutely want to feel confident that you’ve made the right decision when it comes to something so important.

Concrete pavers are available at home centers and landscape retailers, but you'll probably have to find a brickyard to buy clay pavers. You'll need about 4-1/2 bricks for every square foot, assuming an average sized 4 x 8-in. It's difficult to figure the exact amount of brick needed for an irregularly shaped patio like this, so order about 15 percent extra. You may work solo or rely on a landscape architect or contractor you have chosen for the job. Natural stone sprung as the ideal material for your patio project, and budget also permits it.

Establish the patio’s finished height, which should be about an inch above the ground. The patio surface should be built to slope away from the house or surrounding buildings by about 1/4 inch per foot. EHT recommends digging deep enough for the thickness of the pavers plus a minimum of 4 inches for crushed rock and an inch of sand to use a leveling bed.

This website sells reclaimed bricks that have been cleaned and restored for you to use in your next patio project. The best thing about reclaimed bricks, other than the fact that it is always great to repurpose something, is that they are so versatile. You can create almost any pattern that you can dream up with these uniformly sized and shaped bricks. Even though they are consistently sized, the variety in color and stamping gives them a vintage and authentic look. This is brick that’s made to withstand both traffic and cold weather.

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